really lost in translation...

hi there !

this weekend I knda took it easy --- on saturday I had to go with my
mentor to some seminar because a guy from mitsubishi was atending and
we wanted to propse him some cooperation --- and better do it in
person --- so I seated there for 2 hours during which a woman spoke
and spoke ceaselessly in japanese so in the end we could speak less
than one minute with that guy (actually my mentor spoke) -- anyway, he
said he would arrange a meeting for us -- so it was worth I guess

these karate guys were rehearsing in front of the university so I just
posed with them :)

the party is a sayonara party -- one of our RA is leaving (which I
don't really mind since chances are that any new one will be
friendlier and more communicative...) I'm the only european there --
and from america (all of it) only one brazilian --- so ASIApower :D

take care


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