yukata power

yukata power
Originally uploaded by Bernat.
so now you know it --
I'm japanese, I've been japanese all along... and you didn't know! :D
well -- in this picture it still looks decent, but the obscenity of other ones reveal that I have absolutely no idea to put on the Yukata on a proper way... :(
for a while though it was funny -- as long as the shoes didn't bother too much!
The matsuri itself was really nice and the party at the dorm much better than usual -- I guess the guests had something to do with that!
Next month there's some Firework thing (or Hanabi) which will provide the ocasion to wear it again...

I'll keep you posted on my skills puting it on :D


  1. Anònim said...
    ola bernat soc la georgina, la teva cosina. com va tot pel japo? espero k molt b. sort k existeix el msn, pk si no, no podria parlar am tu...
    b, fins un altre "COSINET"
    Anònim said...
    ei gulit!
    et queda molt be el kimono aquest! fas molt de goig, pero cuidado! se t'estan quedant els ulls una mica estirats, sera mimetisme amb el teu habitat?
    apa una abraçada, i sort amb el projecte aquest q has de presentar!


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