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Hi guys --

I don't really have time now, but I want to get this started...

Some may now, but some may not. I'm in tokyo since a couple weeks ago,
starting what will be a 2 and a half years stay. I got a scholarship
to do some research at a very good university in tokyo (the Tokyo
Institute of Technology if you want to know)

at first I just wanted to do some research, but now I'll apply for the
PhD program. I hope it goes ok -- i'll have to take an exam to enter
it and so on --- we'll see...

In this scholarship everything is arranged for us, so we don't freak
out -- they came to the airport and brought us to our assigned room
and so on. Objectively my dormitory is really good --- very new, and
nice, and big and... a bit far from the crowded tokyo, where
everything happens ---- that's why I might try to stay here just 6
months instead of the whole year and move to another dormitory. Anyway
there's way to much foreigners here -- which might be ok now that my
japanese is less (or more?) than poor, but might be a set back when I
start to be able to speak the language...

now I have a 3h japanese course every day, till the end of july, when
I would have nice holydays if I didn't have to prepare for the test :(
We'll see -- 2-3 weeks I'll take for sure :)

some of you it's been really long since I last heard from you --- so,
why not write an email to that guy from barcelona ? I'll be happy to
hear from you :)

till then I send my best regards to y'all :D

have fun!

ps: Very important -- if you want to be in my mailing list (less than
1 email a month) telling you about my doings here in japan, please let
me know :) I might not remember to add your name in the next group
email... (not so good for names, you know)


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