We went to SUMO, baby

hi there --

If you ask me why did I wake up at 05:45 AM after going to sleep at
00:35 AM the answer is simple --- SUMO baby ;)

Today there was some sumo festival in the Ryogoku area (for the ones
that have been in Tokyo or have read a lot about it) -- so they start
fighting around 7:30 till 11 and it goes in crescendo --- Some weak
guys start pushing each other out of the ring and after a while
stronger guys (and fattier) guys come out among applauses ---- The
really good ones (say, top 3) recieve all kinds of attentions --
people know their names and oder sumo wrestlers offer them whater to
drink and clean them after they fall down on the sand (since they're
kind of sweat it gets quite nasty when they fall)

The funniest thing is that today -- since it was just a festival --
the order was not decided -- so it was quite like kids on the
playground -- the one who wins stay, the other goes. But how the next
fighter is decided its funny -- they just rush in to the winner a
microsecond after he wins (they starting approching him even before
the end -- they go in the ring with no problems) and almost the first
who touches him deserves fight him --- and so goes on and on. When
there's a change of fighters (the upperlevel fighters come in) they do
some kind of ceremony in which the lower level fighters push the
upperlevel one through the ring and in the end do some roling and go.
The real good ones get like 20 pictures per second during ther combats
--- and they are really superior, I tell you. It was actually quite

here I post one -- but please visit the galleries and see the other ones

other than that busy as hell, i tell you ;)

See ya


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