making noodle run

close-up to the noodle
Originally uploaded by Bernat.
if you thing noodle are something static you're wrong -- just cut some bamoos, set them forming a slide, some hose at the top and voila, there you have it. Well you need somebody at the top putting previously cooked noodle on the rail thing. The others just try to get them!
Before eating them, though, is highly recomended to soak them in special sauce (of course in a bamboo cup and with bamboo chopsticks) --- the whole thing was really amusing --- but thank good chikara voluteered to prepare the whole thing!
To complement the noodle we had some whatermelon and cake, since it was Nana's Birthday, and also of Matsumoto, another friend of Chikara's.

Next time you see a plate full of spaguettis, be aware --- they might just as well start running!


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