crowded crowded beach

crowded crowded beach
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When one feels most busy is when man should actually take a rest. Well, at least is what I did going to the beach with a bunch of guys from the 12th floor... a day at the beach is always a day at the beach -- quite nice :)
Quite nice taking a rest, because the beach itself was not THAT nice... less than cristal-clear whater and rather crowded all arround... The waves were quite something I tell you --- I've heard the Pacific is like this ---- pacific, untill the huge wave comes and you better run for your life... Whatever, the fact that was crowded allowed some special kind of sight seeing... :D Anyway, I went because there's a high probability that I won't go again this year :( take care y'all!

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  1. Anònim said...
    Ei bernat! Com anem? Barcelona esta mig buida, la majoria de gent fora, i mira, he aprofitat per mirar (espiar, jejeje!!!) les teves fotografies, mentre espero el teu mail promes... mmm... -1000 punts, ja ets pitjor que jo...

    Vaja... aquesta platja es com la Barceloneta!!! :-) Encara que de coses estranyes se n'hi troben alla... pero penya amb un taladro... jo flip!!! Aquests japos... ei, que no et trastoquin, eh!!!!

    Vinga, que vagi tot molt bé! Vas a pasturar a la Xina? Quan? Jo cap a Berlin-Polonia-Vilnius-Riga dissabte ... yeah!!!

    Un petonas i fins ben aviat!

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